Hi guys , i know i haven’t been around much for awhile ,i’m officially gonna stop posting.. I just don’t have time to dedicate to taengsh anymore ( i’m in uni now yay ) .. I’ll just leave it like this so you guys can go to my archives for pics and old posts..

(i talked with one of the airportsoshi admins this morning and found out that she's also closing airportsoshi so i decided to also post my goodbye message today)

Thanksh to all 4500+ of you guys who have been following me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) .. ( you can unfollow me now yay )

taeyeon blogging was such a fun time, taengsh,it will always be special to me.. 

OH im still on twitter and i just made a personal blog ( i haven’t posted anything tho ).. bubbye~


"Personally, I’d like to learn how to take photos from SONEs keke. How do you manage to make me look like such an energetic, fresh and lively child?? How do you take it like that???”

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